Matchbox models made in Bulgaria


Mikro'67 (МИКРО'67) is a Bulgarian manufacturer of diecast models for Matchbox, Gama, Schuco and others. Their factory is in Razgrad.

In 1983 they started making first five Superfast and w few Superking models for Matchbox using imported wheels. Up until 1989 they made seventeen Superfast and sever Superking models. The deal with Matchbox allowed them to only sell models on the Bulgarian market. No export was permitted.

In 1991 they started a "second wave" of Superfast models but after a few years Matchbox broke the contract because many of the models were exported from Bulgaria. However Matchbox was unable to get back some of the dies. All Mikro'67 models made from Matchbox dies after the split are considered unauthentic by Matchbox.

Lamborghini Miura (SF0837). Photos by: diecastinvestor