Manage Your Collections

Get Started with Your Collection

Steps to set up a collection using this web site and database:

Step 1: Set up an Account

Go to the Account option from the Main Menu and set up and account, then return here.

Step 2: Create a Collection

Go to Create a Collection

Step 3 (optional): Set up lists of sellers and storage locations

No sellers or storage locations added yet.

Step 4: Add models to your collection

No models yet added

There are two ways to add a model to your collection:

Option 1:

  • Look up a model you using either the Search Models or Search Releases menu options.
  • Drill down to the variation record that matches your model.
  • On the Variations Detail page, check the box marked Add to Collection.
  • Fill in the collection information in the resulting form and submit it (the model is now added to your collection).
  • Note: you can search by any criteria on the search pages to get to the variation you want.

Option 2:

  • Direct entry: If you know the database 'Variation ID' (also called 'VarID') of the model you have (for instance, 'SF0484-003-a') you can enter it directly from the Manage Your Collection menu.
  • Using this option, you MUST have this ID- you cannot use just the MAN#, Mack# or other ID for this method.
  • You can print listings of models with the VarID's to use as reference if you prefer this method.