White Rose Collectibles

White Rose Collectibles was founded in 1989 in York, Pennsylvania by Ron Slyder.
They manufactured sports diecast models and are mostly known for Nascar-related miniatures and convoys they made for Matchbox.

They have produced seven MLB sets from 1990 to 1996 (5 miniatures & 1 Convoy), 6 NFL sets (3 miniatures 1990 to 1992 and 3 convoys 1993 - 1995). They also produced some York Fair and NHL models.

In 1994 they released a set of 24 models titled "Collectors Choice 1994". All of the models were taken from the original (MB 1-75) line.

In the middle of 1996 White Rose released their own miniature models. The first set of models was "Zamboni / Ice Crusher." The first version of the model was released with a Matchbox base but all other models released had "White Rose" base.

Mattel took over Matchbox in 1996 and their association with White Rose ended in 1998.

White Rose Collectibles was acquired in 2001 by Fleer Collectibles. In 2009 Fleer was bought by Upper Deck and in 2010 they were bought by Press Pass Inc.

Matchbox Collector's Choice. Middle photo by: Lamley Group